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Dance Like Everyone's Watching

Dance Like Everyone's Watching

Too many times we are faced with the reality of not doing things that we love because of the fear of others rejecting us or not supporting us. The fact is that no one should stop you from doing what you love or are passionate about. It’s important to understand that without the ability to be yourself you won’t be living the life you want, but rather a life that others want you to have. 


Being in my 20s I have faced many decisions with the mindset of “what would others think”, “What will my parents say”, “What would people think if I choose this path.” It got to the point where I started to generate the outcome that others wanted and expected of me, instead of making my own decisions. This led to a confusing time in my life where I didn’t know what I really wanted or what I was aiming for. 


It wasn’t until I met the owner of By KimB, Kimmy who said her famous quote, “Dance like everyone's watching” At first, I thought she meant to say, “Dance like nobody's watching”; however, I soon realized that her quote was actually more impactful than the one that everyone knows. This is because the premise is that you have accepted yourself to the point where you are willing to be yourself in front of anyone. It doesn’t matter whether people are looking at you or you are all alone, what matters is that you are being yourself in whatever environment you are in! 


After really breaking down the quote, I realized that I should not care what people think and I should do whatever makes me happy! I took this advice to my current endeavors, and I can say I have gladly increased my overall happiness in what I do. 


I truly admire the atmosphere that ByKimB brings, which is acceptance, kindness, and an overall good time! Although it wasn’t the Footsies that changed my way of life, it was really amazing to see that a brand like By KimB could really change my outlook in life! 



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