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Get To Know The Owner

Get To Know The Owner

A group of us students started working with Kimmy at the beginning of 2021. We are all excited to work with Kimmy and wanted to better understand how her business started. I was able to ask her a few questions (COVID safe of course!) on how she was introduced to pole dancing and how it ultimately led her to start ByKimB! Her love for pole and the pole community really showed in the interview and I hope you too can feel the passion she has for it! 

The Founder: Kimmy! 

Kimmy’s first experience with pole dancing was for her 25th birthday celebration in New York. She booked a session at the NYPD aka... New York Pole Dancing studio owned by Wendy Traskos, where a co-worker of Kimmy's taught, and instantly fell head over heels for it! Having done gymnastics through her teens, she finally had a reason to be upside-down again.

purple background with a women pole dancing at a competition

Photo from PSO Nationals 2018 by Alloy Images.

From day one Kimmy was in love with the super tall heels, but very quickly realized that her feet were too narrow for the straps to safely secure her foot into the shoe. Her feet were constantly sliding and lifting when she danced and walked, and she was constantly afraid that she was going to have a scary accident. To resolve the issue she created Footsies! It was a chance to make costuming safer, easier, and stylish. 

Since her first class in 2010, she has competed 11 times, has 7 medals including a regional championship and 4 National Silver medals. Her career has led her to perform for Snoop Dog (3x!), various shows and gigs around the U.S, as well as to London to be part of a friend’s world championship routine! 

The Brand: ByKimB

ByKimB started on a random morning in 2015 at 4am, while on a creative high, thanks to jet lag. Kimmy was tired of wrapping hair ties and duct tape around her shoes to keep them from falling off, so she made her first pair of Footsies.  From design to manufacturing, all of the By KimB products are handmade in Northern California by Kimmy herself (and her mannequin and dress form family that she continues to acquire!)

bykimb packaging, white with colored dots boxes and gold envelope

Starting with Footsies as the only available product, we have expanded in the past 6 years to provide accessories for the entire body! Wear them on stage during a performance, or just to feel more secure in your heels. Or if you wanna be really bold, take it to a coffee shop like Kimmy does, with a V-neck and T-Strap Boobsie. 

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