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How To Wear Your Body Harnesses Everyday!

How To Wear Your Body Harnesses Everyday!

ByKimB makes clothing products intended to be worn during pole performances, but that does not mean it only serves that purpose. 

Recently corsets have made a comeback, both by big companies and small businesses in many different designs. 

Adidas Knit Corset

At their origin, in the 1500’s, corsets were worn underneath garments to “shape the figure,” and typically found in basic colors like black, white, or nude but that has changed over the centuries. 

Corsets are now trendy to style as outerwear in elegant or athletic designs! Worn over t-shirts or business casual shirts, corsets are now seen as casual wear. 

You can do the same with ByKimB products! Boobsies come in many different colors and styles so when you decide to wear them out of the performance space it will be easy! Check out how customers have styled their Boobsies outside of the pole studio. Check out how Victoria paired her Glitter Boobsie with an off the shoulder sweater for a perfect brunch look!


But don’t stop there! Elisa took her Criss-Cross Footsies to Hamilton! Wear any of our glittery products over a simple all black outfit for a pop of color.

Or add some Buttsies to you denim shorts for an extra oomph like Mille!


By KimB is here to help you stand out beyond the stage and into your everyday.


Written By: Jasmin Chanquin

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