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How To Style Ride or Die Collection

How To Style Ride or Die Collection

Already ordered from the new Ride or Die Collection? But you need inspiration on how to style? I got you bestie! 

The new collection includes five new items, one in each product category of Cuffsies, Legsies, Criss-Cross Buttsies, Boobsie, and a new Bodsie. Each item comes in complementary red and black, so you and a bestie can match! Every item will look amazing with your performance outfit and will elevate your everyday fit! 


Oversized solid color dress shirts are currently on trend. If being worn as a dress or paired with shorts add the Ride or Die Tee Vee Boobsie over top as a stylish accessory. Just like the picture below of the dress shirt and harness, wearing the Tee Vee and Boobsie over top will add some dimension to the outfit! 

Body Harness

Like the look of having a long chain necklace being worn with a deep neckline? Tee Vees can also be worn in similar fashion! Wear it underneath a V-Neck or plunging neckline making only the top part of the Tee-Vee visible. It will certainly give you the same dramatic affect! 

Deep V with Jewelry

The Ride or Die Bodsie can be worn in the similar fashion as the Tee-Vee! As you can see in the photos a red Bodsie goes great with an all black fit. The red Bodsie could be worn with an all black outfit similar to the model in the photos! With summer around the corner imagine pairing the red Bodsie over a white shirt and yellow bottoms, whether it be pants or a skirt! Have the Bodsie or Tee-Vee under a crop top shirt so you don’t look like a walking In N Out logo (LOL) but the contrast of the two colors are really cute!  


White and Yellow Top with Red Skirt Red Shirt and Yellow Skirt


Have a long trench coat waiting to be used? Pair it with a pair of fishnets and Legsies for a night out! If you want to add a pop of color to a monochromatic date night look, opt for red Ride or Die Legsies! Emphasize those legs with some color and zig-zag patterns. 


Cuffsies can be worn on your feet and arms! Keep it casual with the black Ride or Die Cuffsies when showing off your arms! Or at a music festival when skating like our models! Don’t want to wear them that high on the arm, keep them on your wrists! 

Ride or Die

Customize your cuffsies even more and attach your favorite pins or patches! If you want to keep them more on the casual side than for performances, then decorate the Cuffsies with your favorite pins or patches! 

Like every ByKimB product these were made to make you stand out whether on the street or the stage! 

Ride or Die

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