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The World of Footsies

The World of Footsies

What do you do when you have narrow feet and have to walk on 6-8 inch heels? Well, you find some way to secure your feet even if it means adding duct tape to your feet and heels. Or you come up with your own design and answer just like founder Kimmy did. This solution became known as Footsies- the stylish and secure accessory that allows pole dancers to perform without fear.

Apart from such a magnificent name, Footsies provides a comfortable fit that allows pole dancers to move freely without sacrificing safety. They are meticulously designed and crafted by hand, to emphasize that each item is made to perfection. Not only are footsies stylish, but provide dancers with sufficient foot security when performing.

Now that you know a little history of how footsies were made, we have created a guide on picking the right footsies that best matches you.

Choosing the best footsie for you:

3 Strap glitter Footsie 

3 Strap Glitter Footsies

This design has a gladiator look to it and let's not forget the sparkles it comes with. The 3 strap glitter footsie makes everyone do a double-take while you shine on stage. This footsie was created with the intent to let you shine! Whether you want to make a fashion statement or look good while performing, the 3 Strap glitter Footsie is for you! 

Criss Cross Glitter Footsie 

Criss Cross Sparkly Footsies

We all know that “ Criss Cross- will make you jump”, but Criss Cross Glitter Footsies will make you stable and safe when you are performing. The Criss-Cross Glitter Footsies is one size fits most, with its unique design not only will you be able to enjoy the stability it brings when wearing heels, but feel stylish with the amazing color choices.

3 Strap Satin Footsie 

3 Strap Satin Footsies

For those who desire a not-so-shiny option, the 3 Strap Satin Footsie is for you. This footsie was designed to fit your needs and go perfectly with your everyday look. The 3 Strap Satin Footsie allows for comfort and reliability, it is one of our stretchiest footsie on the market. These solid colors are simple, but so powerful especially when combined with a pair of matching Buttsies. 

Footsies can be worn with heels, barefoot, on your arms and wrists, and let’s not forget that they can also be worn with flats to add a little style to your night attire. If that was not enough all footsies include a rhinestone on the top strap adding a spark on top so you’ll always know which way is up!

All of our Footsies pair perfectly with our Boobsies, Buttsies, and Thighsies. Making the best type of combination on your next visit to ByKimB will be your next challenge. Can you make the perfect mix and match with Footsies, Boobsies, Buttsies, and Thighsies? Well, stay tuned to find out which Footsies match the best with the other Buttsies. 

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Criss Cross Wide Glitter Footsies

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Criss Cross Wide Glitter Footsies

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