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What is A Best Friend

What is A Best Friend

What defines friendship? 

“A best friend is hard to find, harder to leave, and impossible to forget.” Friendship works the best when there is mutual ground for respect, kindness, and realness! Of course there is no standard definition of what friendship is, or what it entails, rather it is specific to every friendship bond out there. 

A best friend leaves a lasting impression in one’s life because they can be one’s rock through hard times and also the person who you can have crazy adventures with! 

Being in my 20s, I have made friends in college who I can now call my best friends. That’s how I met Carla my freshman year. We instantly clicked due to our family background, both of us being first generational daughters, of Central American and Mexican parents, living in South East LA. We understood each other’s struggle of having to do a lot of our “adulting” on our own because our parents needed our help growing up. 

I can go days without talking to her and still pick up the conversation right where we left off! Having someone else to talk to about anime and gush over dramas is a nice break of everything going on, and has been a huge help in not being completely burned out. Being able to meet either virtually or more recently in person is a nice change of pace of always hanging out with family or doing work. As we both work towards the end of our college education, we have helped each other out by sending links to jobs, internships, or any opportunity that we know the other will love!

One thing I can count on from Carla is getting criticism, she’s always looking out for me and I know I can trust her without question! I don’t always listen, but when I do follow her advice, most of the time, things turn out well, and when it doesn’t I can’t hold it against her since I made the choice to follow through. 

As we move on, into our life after college we cheer each other on the best we can! Just because we come from similar backgrounds, doesn’t mean we have the same paths ahead of us and that’s ok.

Being best friends means that we have each other’s back every step of the way!!

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