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About Us

By KimB is a Northern California based company that began only with Footsies, in one color, and grew from the creativity of our customers like you. We're here to help you make your costuming process a little easier, with everything you need, from head to toe. And it all started with toes!

Actually it started with feet.

High heels and narrow feet is a scary combination and Kimmy knew there had to be a solution. She went from wrapping her shoes with hair ties then with duct tape! She even made duct tape boots for a show, which inspired the first Footsies design!

Within the year we had requests to design for every body part. And that is where we are today!

So the next time you have a last minute performance and nothing to wear, grab your Bodsies and you'll be set!


I'm on the right flexing because I'm so proud of my cool duct tape boots

(Those are Kimmy's duct taped feet on the bottom right.) 

Fun Facts about Kimmy:
I'm terrified of taking a hip hop dance class. Like I can't do it. 
I don't book rental cars until I'm at the airport sidewalk and hop on the first shuttle that comes by. 
I sing at church once a month and yes they know I pole dance.
I'm the last of 3 kids and am so close to being my parents favorite.
I can't stand it when people won't let me use my GPS because they "know where we are going" and miss turn. 
Proud Jellybean 



Criss Cross Wide Glitter Footsies

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Criss Cross Wide Glitter Footsies

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