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What is a Bodsie?

Bodsies are fancy outlines of clothes that are meant to spice up your gear. There are pieces for each part of your body, but get as creative as you want with them! They are yours to play with. 

What are these for?

Bodsies have multiple uses. While the footsies were initially made to help keep your heels on your feels they can also be worn with bare feet.

Will these fit me?

Bodsies are made with stretchy elastic and will fit most sizes. If you are smaller than the unstretched sizes listed please send us a message with your measurements so we can adjust them before shipment. If you are unsure if they will stretch to fit you can also message us with your measurements for confirmation.

Do you do custom designs?

Yes, we are happy to do custom orders. There is a $100 minimum for custom orders, and delivery time will vary depending on the details of the request. Please contact us for inquires

I can't figure out how to wear my Footsies with heels!

The easiest way to wear you Footsies with heels is to slide your Footsie over your hand, rhinestone side first. Slide the heel of your shoe through the strap opposite the rhinestone strap and pull it up over the top of your shoe. Then slide your foot into your footsie and your shoe.

How do I put on my Bodsies?

1. Lay it out flat on the floor. Untwist any straps that may have gotten twisted around before putting it on your body.

(It is much easier to see where everything goes when you lay it down versus holding it in the air trying to arrange the straps. 

2. Step into the waist strap first, then into the leg holes, then pull the straps over you head or shoulders.

For Footsies, hold the rhinestone strap on top and step into them one strap at a time.

Do you do wholesale orders?

We do! Please contact us for wholesale information.


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